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General Director Sara Nealy

  Blueprint for the Future

Dear Festival Opera Patrons and Friends,

What are the nuts and bolts of keeping an opera company running in challenging times?

Will we be able to preserve the company in a way that is viable and meaningful in our community? To meet this challenge, we tried to use some out-of-the-box thinking. Here are just a few of the ideas we have embraced in our blueprint for the future:
  • 1. Maintain outstanding quality and talent, and eliminate unnecessary expenses.

  • 2. Preserve works that speak to the ages.

  • 3. Consider operas that bridge to new operagoers and diverse members of the community.

  • 4. Operate with conscientious financial practices, and only spend what can be paid for, even if that means reducing the number and scale of performances in a season.

  • 5. Collaborate with other opera and performing arts companies.

  • 6. Identify people who value having an opera company in our community, and bring them into the Festival Opera family.
For example, our 2013 season production of Verdi’s Otello — a collaboration with West Bay Opera — allowed us to deliver a fully-staged professional production at the Lesher Center for the Arts for half of what we have spent in the past. This is the kind of thinking we are encouraging to build a sustainable company for the future. Do you agree? Won’t you please join us in this vital renovation?

Your tax-deductible gift will help us begin the 2014 season with this blueprint… and a solid foundation:

____$100: Carpenter    ____$250: Stonemason    ____$500: Foreman

____$1,000: Engineer    ____$2,500 or more: Architect

Let’s build something we can all be proud of!

With sincere thanks,

Sara Nealy
General Director

P.S. If you can possibly give $500 in this vital year, it will help us build a strong future. Please use the red "Donate Now" button in the left-hand column.